Freshers week 2016!

So excited for this years Freshers week!

ULCU has some exciting events coming your way. On the flyer below is the diffrent events we will he hosting during that week, so bring out your planner ’cause these are typical event’s you shouldn’t miss!!

Freshers week poster 2016







Are you going to join the fun? Hope to see you there!

High fives from the ULCU comittee, and God bless.

Events Week 2015 – Is It True?

So this year from 3rd-6th February Lincoln CU held their annual missions week. Over the course of the week we hosted six events under the title ‘Is It True?’ aiming to tackle big questions people have when they begin to look at Christianity. We held two big question lunches and three evenings all of which had food and where a great environment for people to come along and ask any questions they had as well as hear the gospel.We also did a Water-Station on the Wednesday which got people talking about the events we had on the rest of the week!

We had a really great response and a number of people we met during the week have begun to attend Alpha sessions held at Alive church so that’s really encouraging news!

Thanks to everyone who prayed for us during this week and please continue to pray for those people who have begun to attend Alpha and learn more about the gospel.

Christmas Carol Concert 2014

For the carol concert this year we were lucky enough to have the engine shed as a venue. It was a great place to have the concert and we made it as Christmassy as possible with lights and tress galore. This concert was a really great opportunity to involve other societies in university and we collaborated with the Orchestra, SingIt! And Musical Theatre societies who all gave brilliant performances along with the carols. We also have a fantastic talk given my Matt Rodgers about the true meaning of Christmas (hint it’s not the mince pies!).

We were nervous as the venue was so large and we asked for 300 hundred seats, not too sure how many people would come. God is amazing and the venue was filled to the brim with people which was fantastic. After the carol concert was over we shared mince pies and mulled wine with everyone that came, it was a great opportunity for us to talk to the people about what they had heard that evening.

This year’s carol concert went really well and where planning to go even bigger next year – So watch this space!

Weekend Away 2014

Every year Lincoln CU gathers together for our annual weekend away to spend time with each other away from the hustle and bustle of university. Like previous years we went to the Harby Centre near Melton Mowbray where we were joined by Matt Shortman our UCCF staff worker. Matt gave a series of four talks challenging us and equipping us for being a missional team on campus.
As well as receiving some inspiring teaching, it was a great chance to share fellowship with one another. With some tasty food provided by Joel and Hannah Murray, sardienes, a murder mystery challenge, Talent show and much much more, it was an awesome weekend!
We’ve left Harby centre feeling ready and equipped to share Jesus with other students!

So make sure you are there next year for what promises to be great weekend!

"He said to them 'go out into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation!'" – Mark 16 verse 15.